Month: April 2018

Auction for Cambridge Oars

 Lathallan School Pipe Band are pleased to announce they have oars dating from 1970/71 from Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge for auction. These oars are available from Taylor’s Auction House in Montrose and will be on sale on Saturday 5 May. Please see items at auction on Taylor’s website:

Biology Challenge 2018

S2 and S3 pupils recently took part in the Royal Society of Biology’s ‘Biology Challenge 2018’. The event took place from the 6th to 26th March and encourages pupils to take an interest in biology outside school. The competition itself consisted of two 25 minute online tests which were undertaken under teacher’s supervision in school. We […]

Old Lathallians Reunion

On the evening of Saturday 21 April, 50 years on from leaving school 24 Old Lathallians along with wives, former teachers and guests gathered at Lathallan School to relive old memories. The reunion was held on the same day as the school’s annual Rugby 7s event and in the spirit of the Lathallan 7’s some […]

J2 and 3 Wild Camping Weekend

There was much excitement for J2 and J3 last Friday as they all took part in their first wild camping experience, with Mr and Mrs Woodhouse, Mrs Collins and Mr Jamieson. Once rucksacks were checked and packed they headed down to their campsite on the foreshore, which was about 2km from the school. En Route […]