Beyond the Classroom

Junior Civilianship

At Lathallan we aim to equip the pupils with skills that they can use in their day-to-day lives, which will help them progress smoothly and successfully to senior school.

Civilianship is where the true Lathallan ethos comes alive. We strongly believe in a holistic, encompassing education that helps shape young minds to develop into confident, well-rounded individuals, sure of their rights and responsibilities in a modern society. We aim to equip all our pupils with life skills as well as academic excellence.

Civilianship allows our pupils to realise the importance of respect, how to treat others and how to behave in any social situation.

Junior civilianship is a wide curriculum, specially tailored to the childrens’ ages and abilities. They’re encouraged to get involved with environmental issues, art, cultural activities, debating and much more. These are all rotated on a half-termly basis, to keep young minds stimulated and engaged.

Lathallan School’s 62 acres helps us excel in providing a range of outdoor activities for our pupils. Pupils can enrich their education by taking part in Outdoor Adventure trips and expeditions. This encourages teamwork and motivation, all important life skills.

Music and Drama also play a part in Civilianship. All pupils, Senior and Junior are given the opportunity to perform at regular events and concerts. The Junior school have regular Friday morning music assemblies where they are invited to perform in front of their peers and parents.

The pupils actively involve themselves in the local community. During one activity week the pupils researched and developed a website on the walk from Inverbervie to St Cyrus.