Boarding FAQs

Frequently asked questions about boarding life

Who are the boarding house staff?

Mr and Mrs McCallum

Assistant Housemaster                             
Mr Dymock

Mrs Rhona Anderson (days)

Miss Lucy Kydd (nights)

How do I stay in touch?

House parents (weekend)       01561362220 ext 219 Matrons (evening)           01561362220 ext 211


Available on request

We encourage you to stay in touch but please be aware of pupils’ bed and activity times. Any post should be directed to the school postal address (Lathallan School, Brotherton Castle, Johnshaven, Angus DD10 0HN). Boarders have access to school computers and they may use their own devices to connect to the internet.

What are the meals like?

House routine
08.00 Breakfast (Monday to Thursday) 07.45 (Friday)
17.15-17.30 Evening Meal
20.00 – 20.15 Supper

Meals at the Weekend
09.00 – 11.00 – Breakfast (dependant on trip/activity days).
13.00 – Lunch – (dependant on trip/activity days).
18.00 – Tea (dependant on trip/activity days).

  • All meals are prepared by the kitchen staff with ‘healthy eating’ in mind. A weekly menu can be found on the notice board outside Matrons sitting room.
  • Food can be brought in from home but it must not be eaten in the dorms. Pupils are allowed to eat and drink in the boarders common room as long as it remains tidy.
  • Hot chocolate, tea, coffee, milk, fruit, bread and cereal are available during the evening.

What do you do at weekends?
Weekends are mainly about ‘down time’ where boarders can relax but an element of study is strongly encouraged. There is also an emphasis on following personal pursuits, interests or hobbies and expanding mental horizons. A real benefit to having small numbers and a family feel in our House is that we offer what the boarders want. Trips are arranged after consultation with the boarders to see what they want to do.

Is there medical care?
Matron is the first point of contact when feeling unwell. She will treat any minor illness, injury or administers prescriptions. Any medication needs to be given to her and a consent form completed and signed by a parent/guardian to ensure the safe and timely administration of medication.

Where can I keep money?
It is recommended that pupils do not keep large sums of money in the house. Pupils may have a house bank account and withdraw money in the evening. We suggest pupils have a maximum of £50 – £100 per term.