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Biology Challenge 2018

S2 and S3 pupils recently took part in the Royal Society of Biology’s ‘Biology Challenge 2018’. The event took place from the 6th to 26th March and encourages pupils to take an interest in biology outside school. The competition itself consisted of two 25 minute online tests which were undertaken under teacher’s supervision in school. We […]

S5 and S6 Biologists visit Strathclyde University

S5 and S6 pupils studying Biology recently visited Strathclyde University’s Biolab. Pupils were given the opportunity to learn more about the theory and practical development of Polymerase Chain Reactions. Pupils extracted DNA from different plant samples, added the components required for PCR and used a thermal cycler to amplify DNA.  They also set up and performed […]

Senior Pupils Learn about Chinese Medicine

The Confucius Institute and the Rowett Institute of the University of Aberdeen invited our senior biologists to attend a special guest lecture on Monday 25 September about Traditional Chinese Medicine by Dr Yukun Xi from the Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University in China. The lecture explored the connections between Chinese and Western Medicine. Dr Xia […]