Combined Research Trip for Business and Geography Pupils

Combined Research Trip for Business and Geography Pupils

Pupils studying National 5 Geography and Business Management visited Stonehaven as part of their project research to collect valuable information for their assignments.

The Business pupils conducted a study on Tourism; they spoke to people in Stonehaven, visited businesses and conducted surveys and traffic counts at various sites.  While the Business Management pupils visited Woodview, the Geographers used various fieldwork techniques to find evidence of coastal erosion on Stonehaven beach, including beach profiles, pebble and wave analysis and measuring longshore drift.

Both groups visited Woodview Embroidery Services. Woodview is a Social Enterprise and is affiliated to Cornerstone, a national charity which provides social care and support to local communities. Pipers’ Coffee Shop has used the services of Woodview for a number of years as we are not only impressed by the quality of the items that they produce but also especially pleased to support the work that they do to support individuals who would struggle to find employment due to their individual needs. Lathallan School and Lathallan Pipe Band have also started using Woodview on a regular basis.

The pupils were told how the business operates, is funded, and how it supports its volunteers to develop not only technical skills but also to develop personal and soft employability skills. The pupils also got the opportunity to try to complete some of the tasks undertaken by the volunteers. They soon discovered these jobs were not as easy as they initially looked. The staff also answered a number of questions prepared by the pupils as part of their Primary Market Research into local businesses in Stonehaven. During this, the staff explained that an area of weakness for Woodview was their marketing due to limited staff numbers. Following the visit, a number of pupils have asked to help support this aspect of their business and we will be looking into this as a class over the next few months.

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