Old Lathallians

The Old Lathallian Association is open to all former pupils of Lathallan and to members of staff, past and present and to parents.

It aims to keep alive the links between former pupils as well as those between former pupils, staff, parents and the school. When pupils leave Lathallan to attend either a school elsewhere, or onto the wider world of further education and employment, we want to remain in contact with them for years to come.

We want to keep in touch with you, for you to hear about the school and for you to tell us about your life after Lathallan.

Lifetime memberships are available for former pupils, parents, staff and friends.

Old Lathallians can expect a regular newsletter (three times a year) as well as invitations to reunions, events, and of course to receive a Lathallan Pin Badge!

We encourage all Old Lathallians to stay connected with e-news from the school, and to like us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and follow us on Twitter.

The first senior school pupils joined the school in September 2006, with the senior school housed in the main castle building.

Lathallan Foundation

The school has ambitious plans to improve and develop its facilities and to enhance the experience of Lathallan pupils, staff and visitors.

We also plan to make a Lathallan education more accessible to gifted children whose families might not be in a financial position to send them. Therefore, we wish to create more bursaries and scholarships.

Our fees alone will not allow us to achieve all that we plan to ensure that the reputation of Lathallan as a school of educational excellence continues to grow into the future. That is why we have developed the Lathallan Foundation.

It will be a focus of fundraising for school projects, and we are asking former pupils, former and present families, former staff and all friends of Lathallan to give what they can to the Lathallan Foundation.

If you would like to support future Lathallan projects and pupils, please get in touch with the Development Office.