Pupils present their Roman Project Findings

Pupils present their Roman Project Findings

Pupils in J2 and J3 had an open afternoon today for their family to come along and see all the things they have been learning as part of their project on the Romans.

The pupils showed off their miniature villas constructed from cardboard, their swords and brooches they painted, the Roman Numerals wall chart and some fantastic art work such as their life sized Roman Emperor.

Once all the parents and other family members had looked around the classroom at all of the pupils’ hard work they were treated to a wonderful performance. Firstly the class sang a song about the Romans describing everything from their eating habits to their inventions such as central heating and roads. The second performance saw the boys and girls act out a silent drama piece showing the struggles people would have endured when Mount Vesuvius erupted.

A great afternoon was enjoyed by all!

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