Junior School

A strong community spirit

Lathallan Junior School is the next step in your child’s education once your child has graduated from Pre-School Nursery. The Junior School has its very own building with a library and IT suite. Each year group has one class and a form tutor with additional support from our classroom assistants; the focus is on each individual child.

From Junior 1 to Junior 4, the pupils experience classroom teaching in a wide breadth of subjects, to ensure that their learning is stimulating and challenging.  Their class teacher ensures that their linguistic and mathematical skills are progressing well whilst teaching topical work. Specialist teachers teach children IT, French, Science, Art, Music and PE.

From Junior 5 to Junior 7 there is an emphasis on developing the depth of the pupil’s knowledge. The Junior School have specialist teachers in all subjects, who ensure that Lathallan children receive an exemplary education, aiming to prepare children for the step-up to the senior school. All lessons in the Junior School will be taught by experienced, committed teachers; the dedication to each individual pupil is the cornerstone of a Lathallan education.

There is a strong community spirit in our Junior School.  It is during the school day and beyond that a child’s personal experiences of belonging, sharing, and trusting are developed.  Those older children have the opportunity of becoming prefects or monitors, learning much about taking responsibility and setting an example to others.

We understand that parents lead busy lives and often require additional care for their child outwith school hours. In Junior 1 to 4 pupils start school at 8.30am and finish at 3.40pm, there is then the option for children to take part in activities until 5pm and then stay for their evening meal until 6pm. There is a small charge for this. Pupils from Junior 5 to Junior 7 start school at 8.30am and finish at 5pm, they also have the option to stay for their evening meal until 6pm.



Art & Drama