Junior School Classes


Lathallan is fortunate to have a dedicated IT lab for our Junior school where pupils receive lessons every week from an IT specialist.

In the younger years at Lathallan (J1-3), pupils’ core skills such as file management and menu navigation are fostered whilst learning to express their ideas in a variety of software including Tux Paint, Word and PowerPoint.

From J3 upwards Lathallan pupils regularly use spreadsheets, continually develop their touch typing technique and are introduced to basic programming logic as well as elementary knowledge regarding computing theory (hardware, software and networking).

Utilising a wide range of software, J4-7 pupils gain a broader experience of; data input and advanced formatting (MS Office), 3D vector graphics (Google Sketchup) and are exposed to various coding languages including HTML and Scratch. They even get to generate their own puzzles and games for other pupils using programmable BeeBots.

Topics from other subjects often overlap into ICT periods so that learning is expressed using a computer. Pupils are taught to use the internet responsibly, develop robust research techniques and gain an array of other transferable ICT skills. The IT Lab is well-used as a resource across the curriculum in other subjects, for example researching in Science and creating graphs for Geography.

Although we have a subscription it is possible to have free typing lessons at www.typing.com