Junior School Classes


Within the junior school pupils are introduced to French in J1.

From J1 – J4 pupils receive one lesson a week of French. These lessons are aimed at engaging pupils in a fun and interactive way. French is explored through song, dance, rhyme and stories. The lessons are often linked to topic areas covered with their class teachers and explore not only French language but French culture and traditions from France and other French speaking countries.  Pupils are not formally assessed at this at this stage but development and progress are measured against the Curriculum for Excellence Experiences and Outcomes.

From J5 – J7 pupils receive three lessons of French per week. These lessons are more formally structured and concentrate on the four main skill areas – Talking, Listening, Reading and Writing. Pupils will, for the most part work from Expo 1 which includes the following topic areas: –

  • Meeting People
  • Family and Friends
  • House and home
  • Going to town
  • Daily routines
  • Free time and hobbies.

Within these units, pupils will gain a solid grasp of vocabulary, grammatical concepts, sentence structures and the ability to use 2 different tenses. Alongside Expo 1 pupils will continue to enjoy film, stories, games, poems and music in French whilst also continuing to gain an appreciation for French culture and traditions around the world.

Throughout each unit pupils progress will be monitored through informal, formal, self and peer assessment. At the end of each unit pupils will be given an assessment and opportunity to reflect upon their learning and set targets for their future learning.

At the end of their time in Junior School it is hoped that all pupils will be confident developing linguists and find the transition to secondary language learning a natural progression.