Junior School Classes


Class Music
Our Junior School has always had a strong focus on music, both as part of the curriculum and as a co-curricular activity. Each class in the Junior School has one music lesson each week where the pupils are introduced to a variety of musical experiences. In each age group pupils are encouraged to participate in performing, composing and listening activities, using voice and a selection of classroom instruments. Through these activities, the pupils actively experience many different musical concepts in context.Where possible, particularly in the lower school, musical activities are related to other subject areas, and opportunities for interdisciplinary learning are given.

Music Assemblies
Pupils are given the opportunity to perform in front of their family and friends at our regular Music Assemblies. They are encouraged to perform as part of their class, and as soloists. These assemblies allow the pupils to experience the thrill of performing without the pressure of an unknown audience. Parents are warmly invited to these assemblies and each year group has the opportunity to perform at least once a term.

Performance Opportunities
There are regular events throughout the year where pupils are encouraged to perform to a wider audience. These include music festivals, coffee mornings and concerts. There are also a number of larger events such as the lower school Christmas musical, whole school musical and our annual Nine Lessons and Carols and our Presentation Day Concert.

Lathallan choirs enter the Aberdeen and North East Music Festival each year. Each class in the Lower School enters the competition, and where possible representatives from further up the school are encouraged to participate as well.

Instrumental Tuition
We have a large team of visiting specialist teachers who offer the following instruments:

Voice                Violin                Viola                Drum Kit                   Piano

Keyboard          Flute                 Recorder          Saxophone               Clarinet

Brass               Guitar                Chanter            Bagpipes                 Snare Drum/Tenor Drum

Pupils have the opportunity to play in different ensembles throughout the year, and to perform at different events.

Pipe Band
We are very proud of our school Pipe Band and a large proportion of our pupils take instruction in Pipes or Drums. The band rehearse every week and frequently represent the school at local functions and events.