Age 20 months to 3 years

Our toddlers room provides an opportunity for the children to experience an interesting and stimulating day that is carefully planned and co-ordinated to ensure variety.

We encourage the children to learn at their own pace and nurture their individual talents and skills. We support the children as they learn to play alongside others and share the resources.  Potty training will be provided.

The children will have the opportunity to take part in a wide selection of art and craft activities. They can participate in free-play in the home corner, play with small world toys or join in a tabletop activity. Stories are read often throughout the day and there are plenty of opportunities to be involved in music related activities.

As with the Hedgehogs we follow the Scottish Government Guidelines called Pre-Birth to Three. These guidelines contain four key features: ‘The Rights of the Child’, which covers Relationships, Responsive Care and Respect and believes ‘that babies and young children need to feel loved, secure, happy and cared for in a safe and healthy environment’.

After lunch, we have a quiet period where the children can rest in their own personal ‘snuggle sack’ before the start of the afternoon session.

We encourage the children to learn at their own pace and nurture their individual talents and skills

Progression to Squirrels

Before a child progresses to Squirrels, we would aim for them to be able to:

  • Use real knives and forks
  • Become more independent
  • Be able to dress themselves
  • Use good manners
  • Be aware of other’s feelings
  • To continue to understand and develop the concept of sharing
  • To be able to express to a member of staff that they need the toilet

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Visitors are welcome to Lathallan Nursery at any time; please telephone the Nursery Administrator to arrange a time which suits you. You can contact the Nursery Administrator on (01561) 362245 or by emailing

Registration forms are available by clicking link below and can be submitted at any time, subject to the requirements of applying for part funded places under the Aberdeenshire Council Funded Places scheme. Conditions can be found here.

Our baby class is particularly popular and early registrations are recommended.


Minimum of two sessions per week

For places booked well in advance of a start date, a 25% retainer may be charged on the relevant fee.

Lathallan Nursery works in conjunction with Aberdeenshire Childcare Partnership and we are pleased to provide funded sessions for 3 and 4 year olds.