Age 3 to 4 years

Following the Curriculum for Excellence 3-18 framework, the ante pre-school class at Lathallan Nursery concentrate on play-based learning. Aimed at three year olds, the Squirrels continue to explore and discover the world around them.

A wide array of activities are organised in the Squirrels classroom, with arts and crafts, painting, drawing, sensory play, role play, circle time and story time all making a stimulating and fulfilling day for young minds. Often theme based, the children learn about significant events throughout the year such as Hallowe’en and Winter amongst many others. Often the themes are child-driven and they decide what they want to learn more about, such as tractors or pets.

Our aims are to support and encourage all areas of developmental stages in conjunction with parents/carers. By the time your child has moved on to their next class we would expect them to be able to:

  • Respect others by following the Golden Rules
  • Understand sharing and taking turns in their daily routines
  • Continue to develop their independence in everyday tasks and routines
  • Recognise their own name
  • Recognise a variety of colours, basic shapes, letters and numbers
  • Be confident and comfortable in group activities and play

“the children learn about significant events throughout the year such as Hallowe’en and Winter amongst many others.”

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Visitors are welcome to Lathallan Nursery at any time; please telephone the Nursery Administrator to arrange a time which suits you. You can contact the Nursery Administrator on (01561) 362245 or by emailing nursery@lathallan.org.uk

Registration forms are available by clicking link below and can be submitted at any time, subject to the requirements of applying for part funded places under the Aberdeenshire Council Funded Places scheme. Conditions can be found here.

Our baby class is particularly popular and early registrations are recommended.


Minimum of two sessions per week

For places booked well in advance of a start date, a 25% retainer may be charged on the relevant fee.

Lathallan Nursery works in conjunction with Aberdeenshire Childcare Partnership and we are pleased to provide funded sessions for 3 and 4 year olds.