Pastoral Care

Lathallan takes its pastoral care responsibilities very seriously and prides itself on its warm and friendly environment. The Pastoral Care team consists of Miss Nicola Orr (Head of Pastoral Care), Mrs Amanda Martin (Junior School Pastoral Care), Mr Cullen Christie (Senior School Pastoral Care), Mrs Rhona Anderson (School Nurse), Mr Jonee Mackel (Learning Support) and Mrs Jackie Collins (Assistant Head of Junior School).

With our enviable student-to-tutor ratio, Lathallan can ensure that all pupils are known to staff and concerns are quickly observed and addressed by the pastoral care team who meet weekly to ensure pupil concerns are discussed and support can be put in place. Most important within our flexible system is that the students know that any member of teaching or non-teaching staff is available to listen, advise and support, no matter what the problem is. Lots of information is available around both the junior and senior schools in the form of leaflets, posters and help line information to ensure pupils always have someone to turn to for support or guidance.

The students know that there is always more than one tutor available to listen, advise and support, no matter what the problem is.

All pupils from J1 to S5 attend weekly PSHE lessons with the majority taught by dedicated pastoral staff. Pupils in S6 receive specific careers lessons with lots of opportunities given to attend workshops led by people from different careers and backgrounds. They also have time to write their CV, covering letters and in many cases university application with the constant support of staff to ensure this is, as much as possible, a stress free process at an important time in their lives.

PSHE lessons are structured around the health and wellbeing outcomes of Curriculum for Excellence focusing on mental and emotion wellbeing, social wellbeing, physical wellbeing, planning for choices and change, substance misuse, food and nutrition and relationships, sexual health and parenthood as well as incorporating literacy and numeracy outcomes into lessons.

Lathallan also utilises support from external agencies who run workshops and presentations for pupils and are able to use their specialised expertise to give pupils an informed and up to date understanding of current issues. In the past this has included mental health workshops and presentations from Police Scotland on, for example, substance misuse and internet safety.

All pupils receive information on the ‘Getting It Right For Every Child’(GIRFEC) legislation in PSHE. Pupils are given a summary of the wellbeing indicators and the processes the school goes through to protect their wellbeing. This ensures pupils know why certain strategies are put in place at different times and who is involved in implementing them.

Pastoral staff also host themed weeks every year. This includes activities within and out with lessons which pupils can engage with to build upon their knowledge and skills of a particular topic. In the past this has included Anti-bullying week, Healthy Eating week and most recently Mental Health Awareness week which allowed pupils to learn how to build resilience and look after their mental wellbeing. Pupil feedback is usually very positive from these events and they also help us to identify new areas for development for pastoral support within the curriculum.

All children have a tutor lesson every week, to develop time management skills, strategies for homework and target setting. This gives pupils a chance to have a look at their learning and identity the difficulties and strengths.

The Head of Pastoral Care plays a hands-on role at Lathallan School. She currently delivers the Personal, Social and Health Education programme to the Senior School pupils, and was instrumental in introducing the recent Peer Mentoring scheme. Pupils from across the Senior School have been trained to give all pupils another source of support and a listening ear out-with staff. The Peer Mentor team will now work with the Head of Pastoral Care to plan and implement their ideas within the Junior and Senior Schools, which will also contribute to the pupils achieving the ASDAN Peer Mentoring award.

Our care and welfare is subject to inspection by the Care Inspectorate twice a year and we continue to receive very good reports. These reports can be viewed on

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