Pupils carry out beach clean up

Pupils carry out beach clean up

Inspired by the BBC’s Blue Planet II series, Lathallan School pupils Finlay (J7), alongside brothers Harry (S1) and Jack (S3) took it upon themselves to do their bit and clear up some of the rubbish which had washed ashore due the winter storms onto a beach near Brenish on the Isle of Lewis.

While most people were sat in their warm homes on the 2nd of January, the boys dragged their parents out into the wind and rain to pick rubbish up off the beach. The boys collected rubbish for 45 minutes and their parents helped for a further 15 minutes.

Harry’s father set the timer and in just over half an hour they collected a mix of synthetic ropes, bits of fish boxes, shoes, bottles and much more, it was enough to fill two cars.

Finlay said “We didn’t expect there to be so much rubbish, we found lots of shoes, boots and even an unopened bottle of irn bru. I am glad we did it but once we were finished we were a bit smelly and definitely needed a wash!”

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