Pupils return from South Africa with new outlook

Pupils return from South Africa with new outlook

For the ninth year in a row Lathallan has offered Service Abroad for the S5 and S6 pupils. In July, 6 pupils departed Aberdeen to spend 2 weeks volunteering in South Africa at a Game Reserve and Orphanage. The pupils said the following about their experience of the trip;

“The work on the game reserve was extremely worthwhile, it was great to see the finished products of all our hard work as a team and amazing to know we were linked to the rich history of the reserve as we cleared and built on the cemeteries.” said pupil Joanna Hall.

Vuyani had a lasting impression on pupil Helen McKay who said “working at Vuyani completely changed my perspective on life, it was a stark reminder of how many underprivileged children live, not just in South Africa but around the world. Spending time with the children was unbelievably rewarding and it reminded us of everything we take for granted.”

The last leg of the trip was in the coastal city of Port Elizabeth, where the final day of the trip (Mandela day) was spent taking a tour of the sights of the city and then an eye-opening and enlightening tour into the poorest parts of the township where pupils visited the inspiring Charles Duna Primary School and took a tour with the principal.

“The trip was life-changing. The extraordinary people we met, the sights we saw and the once in a lifetime experiences we were lucky enough to have impacted us all in an amazing way. Every moment of these two weeks were fantastic, I wish I could go back and relive it all again” – Anna Sanger

(An extract written by S6 Pupil Joanna Hall)

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