Senior School Classes


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Mathematics at Lathallan goes further than the traditional strands (number, algebra, shape, space and statistics) which make up Mathematics in most schools; Mathematics at Lathallan enriches the learning of our pupils with a far greater emphasis on more enjoyable aspects of Mathematics such as problem solving and the application of knowledge and understanding in meaningful ways for each and every pupil.

Each year Lathallan achieves success in National Mathematical Challenge events and our pupils are highly competitive when it comes to representing Lathallan. In addition, pupils are keen to participate in the multitude of extra-curricular opportunities, activities, events and online competitions which are on offer to young mathematicians in Scotland.

Our teaching staff, both of whom have previously held positions as Principal Teachers in large comprehensive schools before joining Lathallan, understand that whilst a rigorous routine approach will ensure success in externally certificated examinations, fostering a positive attitude to Mathematics will enhance the quality of life for every pupil in the longer term.

S1 and S2

Mathematics in the early stages of the senior school broadly follows the guidelines of the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence Level 3 course, and as such Lathallan is ideally positioned to accept pupils joining us from other schools in Scotland with little disruption to their education.

An emphasis on outdoor learning, problem solving and the application of techniques and knowledge compliments the delivery of the core material from the CfE course. General numeracy is promoted via regular whole school events and all departments at Lathallan enjoy contributing to the success and confidence of our pupils in this area.

S3 and S4

All pupils at Lathallan are expected to achieve National 5 Mathematics and our small class sizes make this achievement realistic. Pupils are encouraged, respected and supported by staff and fellow pupils alike and when additional support is needed it is delivered in a timely and effective manner by the Learning Support team.

A further National 5 qualification, ‘Applications of Mathematics’ is also available to pupils who demonstrate that they are capable of endeavouring to add this supplementary qualification to their certificate.


Higher Maths is a popular choice at Lathallan with in excess of 50% of pupils electing to study Maths in the later stages of the senior school.


Advanced Higher Maths and Advanced Higher Statistics are both delivered by the Mathematics Department at Lathallan for pupils who are intending to study Mathematical, Financial, Engineering or scientifically orientated subjects at University.