Senior School Classes


Lathallan takes great pride in the quality of musical experiences that it offers our pupils, both as part of the curriculum and as an extra-curricular activity. Participation in musical performances can build self-esteem and self-confidence, can nurture a sense of teamwork and can give pupils a real sense of achievement.

S1 and S2
The Music course covers the 3 elements of Performing, Listening and Composing. Through practical musical activities, pupils gain a knowledge and understanding of how different styles of music have evolved through the past to the present day. Pupils learn the basics of guitar, keyboard and drum kit as well as developing their vocal range. Music Technology skills are also studied.

S3 and S4: National 5
Course content:

Music: Performing Skills: Learners will develop performing skills on two selected instruments, or on one selected instrument and voice.
Music: Composing Skills:Learners will experiment with, and use a range of compositional methods and music concepts to realise their intentions when creating original music
Understanding Music: Through listening activities, learners will develop knowledge and understanding of a variety of level-specific music concepts, and music literacy.
Assessment: The three units will be assessed internally by the school. The course will be externally assessed by way of an “added value” unit. This unit has two parts:

  • A performance of at least eight minutes of music on two instruments. This will be worth 60% of the overall mark.
  • A question paper. The purpose of this question paper is to test learners’ knowledge and understanding of music concepts and music literacy. Learners will demonstrate conceptual knowledge and understanding of music by responding to questions that relate to musical excerpts and music concepts and styles. A range of question types will be used in the question paper, allowing scope for assessing a variety of thinking skills and understanding of music literacy. All questions in the question paper are compulsory. The question paper will be worth 40% of the overall mark.

S5 and S6: Higher
Course Content and Skills: The course consists of two mandatory units, Composing and Listening and one optional unit of Performing or Performing with Technology.

  • Composing: In this unit candidates will explore and build competence in handling a wide range of compositional techniques, which they will use to build a folio of original work
  • Listening: In this unit candidates will listen to a variety of music, and develop awareness of an increasing range of musical and stylistic concepts. In addition to general listening, there will be detailed study of a number of prescribed musical works, in order to focus listening on complete movements or works.
  • Performing: In this unit candidates will develop performance skills, solo and/or group, on 2 instruments, or 1 instrument and voice, or 1 instrument/voice and accompanying.(Standard of performance should be equivalent to ABRSM Grade 4 and above)
  • Performing with Technology: In this unit candidates will develop performance skills, solo and/or group on 1 instrument. (Standard of performance should be equivalent to ABRSM Grade 4 and above). Candidates will also develop knowledge, understanding and practical application of MIDI sequencing or Sound Engineering as instruments of music technology, in order to produce a folio of recordings.

Assessment: Course assessment is based on 2 components:

  • Listening Question Paper: near the end of the course, which will sample knowledge and understanding of aspects of performance, composition and literacy, in both the prescribed works, and previously unheard musical excerpts.
  • Practical Performance (Performing) or Production Folio (Performing with Technology)
In addition, all candidates must pass the Composing unit. This requires submission of an audio folio of 2 original pieces, lasting 1 minute each, supported by programme notes, scores/performance plans, and assessor observation of the compositional process.
Advanced Higher Music available on request.