Squirrels Nursery Class ‘journey’ to Rio!

Squirrels Nursery Class ‘journey’ to Rio!

Over the week beginning 5th March the Squirrels took a ‘trip’ to Rio in Brazil! They took part in activities to experience Carnival and discovered lots about the country and the city too.

The children had the opportunity to use their creative skills recreating the flag for Rio. The children used green, yellow and gold crafts to make the flag and it was finished off with some stars.

The pupils discovered that at the Carnival there is lots of dancing and music. The boys and girls created some fabulous instruments and learned some amazing salsa moves.

Hannah’s mum, Mrs Henderson came in to help us make some Brazilian snacks. We enjoyed some cheesy rolls and made some lovely chocolate treats called Brigadieros. The children also learned that chocolate comes from the cacao plant found in Brazil.

Thank you to Mrs Henderson for her amazing idea and help, making this a wonderful experience for the boys and girls.

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