Success at MUN

Success at MUN

This year we sent a full delegation of 12 pupils with Mr Fernandez and Ms Buchanan to the 3 day Model United Nations Conference at George Watson’s College in Edinburgh which hosted 540 pupils representing schools from around the world. In preparation, our pupils worked hard over the last few months to hone their debating skills and their understanding of correct Parliamentary Procedure in debates. Also all of the pupils produced excellent Resolution documents required to be able to participate fully in their Committee Rooms.

For 7 out of the 12 pupils this was their first experience of a MUN conference. Despite their initial concerns about managing with the setting of formal political debates, they all were very pleased with their experience in their Committee Rooms. In addition, 3 of our 12 pupils (Oliver Mitchell, Alex Fernandez and Katherine Fernandez) received awards on the last day in recognition for their quality of debate and involvement in their respective Committee Rooms.

During the conference, our school represented Zimbabwe at the conference. The pupils were very pleased when the General Assembly Emergency Debate on Sunday focused on Zimbabwe and a fictional emergency situation involving the death of Robert Mugabe and the ensuing struggle for political leadership of the country. Our pupils responded quickly with skill and confidence to produce the necessary Resolution paper; and lobbied a number of other countries to back their proposal. Oliver Mitchell and Alex Fernandez then took the stage at the General Assembly to deliver an impassioned speech on behalf of Zimbabwe.

The pupils not only gained valuable experience of debating, talking in public and preparing and supporting formal parliamentary documents, but also made new friends and established valuable links with pupils in other schools around the world. They are already talking about getting ready for the next conference!

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