Whole School United Nations Day

Whole School United Nations Day

On Thursday 15 June the school held a whole school United Nations Day. The day was organised by our Head of Business Management, Mr Fernandez and the Senior pupils who are part of our MUN Team.

The day began with a procession of Junior School pupils accompanied by their form tutors with their country’s flag. Each country was assigned a flag bearer and placed it in the holder and gave a brief speech on what their class has prepared for the day.

The Senior School pupils had their debates after break time; these covered topics such as the environment, education, science, culture, health and human rights.

The Junior School pupils presented persuasive debates about the benefits of their country. After lunch they prepared their stands which featured items from their country such as traditional foods, music, dress, jewellery and animals native to their country. Parents were welcomed to visit the stands and then watch the performances such as traditional dance, drama and singing.

After lunch, the Senior School pupils had their own mini Olympics where they participated in various games and sports such as tug of war.
Once the mini Olympics and the Junior School pupils performances ended all the pupils and parents gathered around the pavilion to watch the prizes be presented, such as best stand – won by Spain, best Junior School performance won by Russia and best Senior School delegate won by Phoebe Verstralen.
Well done to all the pupils and staff who made the day a great success!

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