Environmental Science

Environmental Science

The unique location of Lathallan makes it ideally situated to deliver an exceptional Environmental Science curriculum.

The National 5 and Higher courses both follow the topics of The Living Environment, Climate Change, The Earth's Resources and Sustainability, with Higher pupils building on the knowledge gained during Nat 5.

At Higher level, pupils will conduct more advanced fieldwork, with Lathallan's grounds and coastal-front setting are a huge asset to pupils.

The Living Environment

The Living Environment topic explores how we can analyse and monitor ecosystems. Pupils are able to carry out fieldwork in the coastal nature reserves close to the school.

Higher pupils also have the opportunity to take part in a residential course, such as the one held at Kindrogan Field Centre run by Field Studies Council. This allows pupils to gain valuable experience in carrying out field techniques and statistics.

Climate Change

The next topic area focuses on Climate Change, with pupils learning about how humans are impacting the planet.

This topic generated a significant interest amongst pupils in 2019 who, inspired by #FridaysForFuture climate change activist Greta Thunberg carried out a peaceful protest at the school to highlight the need to take action to save the planet as can be seen by the video below.

Our pupils have also been inspiratation in Lathallan's drive towards becoming one of the first plastic-free schools in North East Scotland by sharing recycling tips (see video below) and encouraging peers to use alternatives to single-use plastics.

Video: Planting Trees at Lathallan School
Video: #FridaysForFuture
The Earth's Resources

In The Earth's Resources topic, pupils gain an understanding of the Earth's physical environment.

Pupils from across the Senior School have the opportunity to attend trips such one held in 2019, to Iceland, as you can see in the video below.

This helped pupils gain a greater insight into tectonic activity, geothermal energy and mineral formation.

Video: Iceland Trip 2019

Lathallan's unique coastal-front location makes it ideally situated to deliver an exceptional Environmental Science curriculum.


Inspired by the need to take action to prevent the worst effects of climate change, pupils learn about Sustainability through studying local and global efforts to reduce waste. They also learn how to become sustainable in terms of food, water and energy sources.

With Lathallan bidding to become one of the first 'plastic-free' schools in the North East of Scotland, Environmental Science pupils have been instrumental in encouraging peers to reduce the use of single-use plastics, as you can see from the videos below.

Pupils from S1-S6 can also participate in a weekly senior Eco Club, to help bring positive change to the school.

Video: Top 10 Recycling Tips
Video: Plastic-Free Ambitions
Video: Plastic-Free Audit

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