Summer is here and we are introducing a little competition to heat things up. Senior, incoming S1 pupils and staff are all invited to take part in our exciting Summer Reading Challenge!

The idea is to read as many texts as you can over the summer holidays! These can include any of the following:

  • novels 
  • short stories 
  • graphic novels 
  • non-fiction books
  • audiobooks
  • literary podcasts (i.e. story-based rather than chat)
  • or other text of your choice (email Ms Robinson with any queries) 

There are no set books, themes, or genres, but extra points are available if you read from the Lathallan School Reading List and attempt more challenging texts for your age and level.

Individual prizes on offer include a PDA afternoon to an eatery and there will be other runner-up treats. An abundance of house points will be given at the start of the year to the house with the most collective hours/pages read. 

In a world dominated by social media it can be hard for some to spend their valuable time on books, as important as we all know reading is. So listen to an audiobook as you lounge in the sunshine or while you’re enduring a long family car journey. For those of you more interested in art and design, try a graphic novel. And literary podcasts will always throw up something interesting, just for you.

You’ll be amazed at how contagious reading will become!

How it will work:

  • Competition start date: 4pm on Friday 25th June 
  • Deadline: all entries must be submitted by midnight Wednesday 18th August
  • Keep a log of your reading using the google form available on the Classroom (it will take 2 min to fill in!)
  • To make sure the competition is as fair as possible, enter the number of pages and/or the amount of time spent reading or listening to each text. For example, challenging yourself by reading The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss (a difficult fantasy epic at 662 pages) will be worth far more than if you read one Diary of a Wimpy Kid book, especially if you’re in S6! We will also take into account your age, level and effort. The more challenging the text for you, the more points on offer…
  • We will then add up the points and determine the winning house, which will receive an epic 25 points right at the start of the year. 
  • If house points aren’t your bag, there will also be a prize for the best reader in each form class, plus runner-up treats; not to mention the fact that reading is proven to improve brain function, general knowledge and empathy, and reduce stress levels. So it’s win-win! 

Lathallan’s online learning has been given a ringing endorsement by parents at the Johnshaven-based independent school.

A survey of Lathallan parents showed that 95.7% of those who responded were happy with the high standard of remote education currently being delivered by the school.

Lathallan has delivered a large number of live virtual lessons during the lockdown period, whilst continuing to support individualised learning and offering a number of activities to enhance the health and wellbeing of pupils.  

A large majority of those who responded to the survey (78.5%)  were also supportive of the expected short-term plans to meet the Scottish Government guidance to offer further online learning, either full-time or in a blended fashion, when schools initially reopen after the summer.

Parents at Lathallan listed happiness (38.7%) and academic achievement 37.6% as their two main priorities for their children while they cited small class sizes (58.1%), location and expansive outdoor space (48.3%) and the family-feel (31.2%) as the school’s top three strengths.

Lathallan has an average class size of 12, with pupils at the North East school learning within the inspiring 60 acre grounds of 19th century Brotherton Castle. As a small school of around 200 pupils, it also prides itself in being a place where pupils and families enjoy a strong sense of community spirit.

Almost 80% of families took part in the survey which Lathallan will now be used by the school to enhance the service it delivers, with the school adapting to the demands of the current era to offer prospective parents a Virtual Open Day on Saturday June 6th

Headmaster Richard Toley said: “We are very pleased with the outcome of the survey. It underlines that Lathallan has been able to adapt quickly, in extremely challenging cirumstances, to meet an entirely new way of delivering teaching and learning.

“Our teachers and staff have worked tirelessly to offer a high-quality service and our pupils and families have embraced the new, temporary, way of learning.

“However, we are constantly looking at ways we can enhance the education we offer at Lathallan and have been responsive to some of the very constructive suggestions from parents that they raised in the survey.

“Happiness and academic achievements are key areas of importance for parents and our aim is to ensure every pupil at Lathallan achieves their full potential whilst being happy and content at school.

“Our small class sizes, location and family-feel are genuine assets of Lathallan and as education evolves over the coming months to move more lessons outdoors and in smaller groups, we are well placed to continue to deliver an exceptional learning experience within the safe, idyllic grounds of Brotherton Castle.

“We look forward to meeting prospective new parents and pupils in our upcoming Virtual Open Day on Saturday June 6th and will ensure that each parent receives the bespoke experience that our current families have come to expect from Lathallan.”

Lathallan is an independent day and boarding school based in Johnshaven, on the edge of the North Sea coastline between Aberdeenshire and Angus. It offers places for day and boarding pupils (on a flexi or full-time basis) with a Nursery, Junior and Senior School.

To register for Lathallan’s Virtual Open Day on Saturday June 6th visit